Ann Robertson – Artist and Illustrator


52Frames  Food. Week 46

52Frames Food. Week 46

    Food is the challenge this week for 52Frames. My friend suggested trying Pointillism. It is a technique I had never tried before so thought it would be good for this weeks picture. I had a look at a couple of tutorials on line which were helpful. I put...

52Frames Details Week 43

52Frames Details Week 43

  This week the brief for 52Frames is details. I was a bit stretched for time and decided to try a photograph that would then be edited in photoshop. My first idea was my brush pot that I had planned to do a previous week and then didn’t. I then thought a peacock...

52Frames  Rule of Odds  Week 40

52Frames Rule of Odds Week 40

  The Rule of Odds is this week's 52Frame challenge. The idea that an odd number of objects is more visually pleasing than an even number. This is a well known device in art, but the number of items does not always lead to interest. I thought this might be a good...

52Frames  Common Object  Week 29

52Frames Common Object Week 29

  The challenge for 52Frames this week is Common Object. I had in my mind that I would do my paint brushes and/or tubes of paint. In the end I did some tins of printing ink and a palette knife. I chose to use oil pastel. Visually I would say this is the least...

52Frames   Black and White   Week 5

52Frames Black and White Week 5

  The challenge this week on 52Frames is Black and White. I really enjoy working in black and white, but this is usually black ink on white paper. So far I have enjoyed doing things I would not usually do, so decided to work in white on black paper. I considered...

52Frames Complementary Colours  Week 3

52Frames Complementary Colours Week 3

  This week the challenge is complementary colours ( I was away at Xmas and thought the fruit bowl on the table might make an interesting picture at some point. I used it for this week's challenge as the fruit have good strong colours. The...