Ann Robertson – Artist and Illustrator


52Frames  Chaos  Week 44

52Frames Chaos Week 44

  Chaos is the challenge this week for 52Frames. I took some quite nice photos of fallen leaves; autumn chaos. Then, I was sitting in last night and there were fireworks everywhere. It seemed a shame to miss such an opportunity! This seemed an ideal opportunity...

52Frames  Common Object  Week 29

52Frames Common Object Week 29

  The challenge for 52Frames this week is Common Object. I had in my mind that I would do my paint brushes and/or tubes of paint. In the end I did some tins of printing ink and a palette knife. I chose to use oil pastel. Visually I would say this is the least...

52Frames Leading Lines   Week 17

52Frames Leading Lines Week 17

  This weeks 52Frames challenge is Leading Lines. I wanted to use a reference picture from Orkney that I took several years ago. I did not intend to do this in oil pastel, but then I thought I could try out a technique I had seen in a book I am looking at, of...