Ann Robertson – Artist and Illustrator


52Frames  Break the Rules!  Week 51

52Frames Break the Rules! Week 51

  Break the Rules! is the challenge for this week, set by 52Frames. I am going away in a couple of days and then its Christmas so I wanted something that didn't seem too involved. I decided I would try and create an image from a photograph trying to make it look...

52Frames  One Light Source  Week 38

52Frames One Light Source Week 38

  One Light Source is the challenge from 52Frames this week. I couldnt really think what to do, especially as we had already had lamp, silhuoette and night. I was flipping though my photos in my project folder and came across several I had taken at the Natural...

Drawing Out   Biddulph Grange

Drawing Out Biddulph Grange

  Managed to get some drawing out at Biddulph Grange with friends last week. Did a bit to the greenery at home but mostly completed sitting out. It was quite a busy day and quite narrow paths so not easy to find somehwere to sit. I enoyed doing the rocks and the...

52Frames  Pattern  Week 26

52Frames Pattern Week 26

  The challenge from 52Frames this week is Pattern with an extra challenge of Pattern in Nature. I liked this as a challenge and had thought I might use photos of some stones I had found on the beach in Orkney. When I came to look at them though I felt they would...

52Frames  Shoot From Above  Week 24

52Frames Shoot From Above Week 24

  The challenge for 52Frames this week is Shoot from Above ( I have been doing quite a lot of online jigsaws recently and really enjoy the aerial landscapes. I thought I would look for something on line. It is the first time I have used...