Ann Robertson – Artist and Illustrator


Birds on Paper

Birds on Paper

  Our show, Birds on Paper, started on a couple of weeks ago at Teggs Nose Park. In 2o21 Macclesfield marked the 120th anniversary of wildlife artist Charles Tunnicliffe's birth with a series of exhibitions and events. Born in Sutton, Tunnicliffe produced a...

Birds on Paper  Marbled Paper

Birds on Paper Marbled Paper

  Making the marbled paper for the paper cuts was a bit of a steep learning curve, although I did enjoy it. I was a bit taken aback by the fact that it requires planning at least hours, and ideally a good day before hand. Paper needs to be prepared and most...

52Frames  One Light Source  Week 38

52Frames One Light Source Week 38

  One Light Source is the challenge from 52Frames this week. I couldnt really think what to do, especially as we had already had lamp, silhuoette and night. I was flipping though my photos in my project folder and came across several I had taken at the Natural...