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52Frames Pattern Week 26

Jul 2, 2022 | 52Frames, Birds, colour, Drawing, Nature, Pattern | 1 comment


The challenge from 52Frames this week is Pattern with an extra challenge of Pattern in Nature. I liked this as a challenge and had thought I might use photos of some stones I had found on the beach in Orkney. When I came to look at them though I felt they would not work that well for this format. I also had some fossil photos, which could have worked. Then I found I picture taken a while ago of a pheasant and thought his feathers might work really well. I loved the patterns and they made me think of some of Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs. They also made me think of birds flying in formation, viewed from above.

I zoomed in and found an area that seemed to work as an image. The painting is done with Kuretake:Gansi Tambi Japanese watercolour, that I have used in other pictures. The black is Uni Pin Fineliner from Mitsubishi Pencil Co and then highlights have been added with Neocolour II watersoluble wax pastels.

I think as pattern it is successful and it works well in the format. I have tried not to overwork it, and allow the pattern to dominate and not put much detail in the feathers.



Watercolour, pen and neocolour

Watercolour, pen and neocolour


Oh yes I nearly forgot last week’s image is a side view of a human skull showing the orbit and cheek bone


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  1. Lorna Wilson

    Like this a lot


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