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Lino Cutting – equipment

May 2, 2017 | Lino Cut, Print, Sewing | 0 comments

For some time I have been uncertain if I prefer the disposable lino cutters or the wooden handled tools. Most of this dilemma has been around the difficluty keeping the more traditional tools sharp. I think I have solved this problem now by using a leather strop and it seems to work really well. I really like the way tools feel in my hands and the fact I don’t have to keep changing blades. Also they were mostly a gift so gald I have got back to using them as a default.

As a result of using them more the lack of an appropriate storage system has been exposed. This is important to prevent any damage to the cutting blades. I have looked on line and found nothing so decided to make my own. I had made one before and realised a number of problems I had not thought of. So todays top tips:

Ensure there are flaps to fold over the cutters top and bottom, this stops them sliding out!

Make it big enough to add more cutters.

Use robust fabric.

I am pleased with what I have made so lets see if any new problems appear


Lino Cutting Roll

Lino Cutting Roll

Lino Cutting Roll

Lino Cutting Roll


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