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Seaside Treasures

Nov 5, 2021 | Drawing, Inspiration, Nature | 0 comments


I visited a friend in Pembrokeshire last year and came home with some seaside treasures. I remember these egg cases from my childhood on the beach near my grans. The shapes are lovely and the way they twist as they dry out make them quite sculptural. It took a while to use them, but someone suggested I try doing some drawing with charcoal. It is something I haven’t used for ages, but I did this drawing at A3 size and really enjoyed it.

I like the contrasts in the finished work, and was surprised by how well it worked. There is no option to be wishywashy with charcoal! Along with lots of other things I do I think I may develop it further but somehow……..

I used the same technique for another drawing which I will post next time.



Mermaids purse, charcoal



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