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52Frames Single Focal Point Week 30

Aug 1, 2022 | 52Frames, Acrylic paint, colour, landscape, Lighting, Nature, Painting, Trees | 0 comments


The challenge this week for 52Frames is Single Focal Point. The brief suggests you should draw the viewer’s eye to one part of the picture, either with light, leading lines, minimalism or depth of field

My picture is from another photo in my ideas folder and I thought it just about meets the brief…. also I have been wanting to paint it for sometime. The eye is drawn to the walkway into the field ahead.

I chose to do this in acrylic paint. I have developed an increased liking for them and the ease with which you can add layers. I applied Gesso to the paper and then created a texture on it with packing foam. I put washes down and then started adding detail. I kept a small colour palette. I did quite a lot of the foliage by dipping bubble wrap in the paint and dabbing it on. Highlights were added in the same way, as well as with a brush. I was pleased with the result and especially happy with the leaves near the posts, silouhetted against the field. I used masking fluid to do the shadows on the path, and this was not as successful as I hoped! howeverI think the final result is OK but a bit overworked.

Overall I think it is quite atmospheric and about 80% of what I had in mind when I started which is pretty satisfying


Sunny field in acrylic paint

Sunny field in acrylic paint




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