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52Frames Everything in Focus Week 22

Jun 5, 2022 | 52Frames, Curiosities, Drawing, Illustration, Painting | 0 comments


The challenge set for this week is Everything in Focus! For photographers this is an excercise in depth of field. If you create a drawn image you already select how much of your image is in focus. I was not sure how to tackle this, then my friend suggested something completely different. Perhaps a bird of prey with brilliant eye sight, or something to do with a microscope. I really liked this idea. My dad had an old microscope, and I decided this should feature. I looked around for some images of the microscopic appearance of retinal cells and found a great image in the Wellcome Collection ( It is a Lithograph created by F. Foedisch in 1875.

This forms the background, and I toyed with the idea of fading them out, but everything is in focus so decided not to. I superimposed the microscope and tried to use a similar technique for the image to that used for its instruction leaflet.


Paperwork for microscope

Paperwork for microscope


As those who are technical drawers will see my angles and perspective need a bit more work, especially the circular surfaces. I like the technique for the penwork on the microscope though and think its nearly there. I like it as a response to the challenge and thanks to my friend for the idea!


Pen and watercolour of old microscope and retinal cells

Pen and watercolour of old microscope and retinal cells




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