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52Frames Triangular Composition Week 23

Jun 12, 2022 | 52Frames, cats, colour, Drawing, Painting | 0 comments


52Frames this week has set the challenge of creating a Triangular Composition. I have used a picture of my cat on the kitchen windowsill but flipped it so it reads better. I was really pleased with the original drawing and was a bit surprised by how cat like I managed to make her look. It also fitted nicely within a half triangle of the paper.

I started with a watercolour wash and was going to finish with crayon and pencil, but reminded myself these are meant to be challenges. I got out the Arteza brush pens a friend gave me. I haven’t had much success with them before so I went on line to see if there were any tips. I was heartened to see I was not alone in the problems I had encountered. However I found a good site on youtube ( that I would recommend. They are still not the easiest things to work with.

I am pretty pleased that I have managed to produce a nice bold finished picture. as always parts of it have worked really well and other bits are a bit overworked. I can also see the difference between where I  started and where I finished. In laying on the colour the head has ended up just a little big as I made some corrections. I am also not sure I like the space between the cats feet and the pots. I really like the vase and sticks though, as well as the eyes. Overall I am pleased and glad yet again I pushed myself a little.


Cat Arteza Brush Pens

Cat Arteza Brush Pens


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